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Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable; the importance of getting out of your comfort zone

Right, when deciding to write a blog, I read that a successful blog must have a niche. From my experience, the most common blog subjects are food, travel and skincare. I am passionate about all of those but I am also very passionate about psychology, self help, technology and countless other topics. As I don’t want to restrict myself on what I write about here, I came up with an idea..write a general blog where content relates to one theme; getting out of your comfort zone.

Anyway, to my dismay someone has already pitched me to the post (I’m looking at you, Jessica Lawlor!)

Being a sensitive type of person, with confidence issues, getting anything accomplished in my life is a struggle. I have found that I can’t like myself if I don’t get out of my comfort zone, try new things and doing something slightly crazy, venturing into the unknown. Fear is part of the human condition. It’s a horrible uncomfortable feeling and most of us will avoid situations so to avoid feeling that terrible again. It does play an important role in our survival, of course, but it’s also the feeling that can hold so many of us back from being who we want to be, and achieving our dreams.

When you read my stories, try to remember that just because I did travel on my own, I did make friends with passing strangers (in spite of identifying as social phobic), I did swim in am ice-cold waterfall, it doesn’t mean I’m brave and confident all of the time. I felt scared and anxious at times throughout. I don’t believe admitting your fear is a weakness. Each time you come out of your comfort zone, the world seems a little less scary and overwhelming.

The key is, don’t stop.