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Discovering Jordan Peterson - Wise Advice - Joanne Wondering
Discovering Jordan Peterson – Wise Advice

Discovering Jordan Peterson – Wise Advice

Recently a friend emailed me to a link to a YouTube video of an interview with Jordan E Peterson.
I had never heard of him. The video was 2.5 hours long! No way I thought do I have time to view all of that. Well it turns out I did have time because it was one of the most mesmerizing videos I have ever watched. Jordan Peterson is a Professor of Psychology at Torronto University, and formerly a Personality Psychologist at Harvard. And a genius! If you are struggling in life in any kind of way, I recommend you refer to his videos and courses, especially his Self Authoring Program.

The interview spiralled and morphed into various very important subjects about the history and behaviour of mankind. About facts being ignored and delusions and proposterous propaganda being taken as truth and creditable. About population control. About religion (but not in the sense we usually understand it), about deities and transendence. About wisdom. About truth.
The most important bit of learning I took from the interview was about “life is suffering”. (Unless you are in the very blessed minority of the population you will not dispute this). The antidote, he says, is truth. This is so interesting to me because for the last few years I have observed time and time again, people around me lying or deliberately keeping from me their truth.
An area that I perceive as particularly lie fueled and lacking in honesty is the dating scene, especially online dating. How matches vanish (delete their profiles) or become unresponsive to messages without letting you know the reason why. They just cold shoulder you (ghost you), which is cowardly. From my point of view, this behavior is so selfish as it wastes time and emotions, wondering if and when or why they will contact me again. Why don’t they just let me know where I stand, especially if they intend not to see me ever again. Let me know!
I was let go from a job and my managers of the time were too cowardly to tell me why. I was too cowardly to ask! How can I know how to improve if I don’t get the necessary feedback?
Another video on you tube is named “Every young woman needs to see this! – Jordan B. Peterson”.
Jordan in this video’d lecture says some amazing enlightening things about women. One is, almost all as-yet-childless women feels at age 30 their top priority is to have babies. And that they should! The ones that don’t, he says, are either not very maternal, have a masculine temperament, or there is something not quite right in the way they have constituted the world. Great, I want children, and I can not be ashamed of that! I know some of you reading this may think he’s sexist. He just recognizes that children make your life meaningful. They give you something to do between 50 and 80. And of course, it’s one of our most primal drives is to procreate.
He often repeats that money beyond a certain income makes you no happier…
Jordan reiterates this point a lot. Research has shown that earning above £50,000 per year makes you no happier. So why are there men insane enough to work 80 hours a week slaving their butts off to earn more than this?? There is more to life.
(I’m going to raise this to £70,000 due to rising costs of living since this research was carried out).

A friend of mine suggested that Jordan Peterson comes off as “right-wing”. I personally ignore his politics and focus on what he has to say on his subject of expertise, Psychology. However, come to think of it, his advice does chime with a conservative flow. For example, his advice about having a life that can reduce your suffering as much as possible includes being as educated as you are clever, and having a “reasonable career”. It seems to me there is that capitalistic value within that, that earning money and dedicating your life to paid work is important. I do not agree. It’s not that easy to be as educated as you are smart, not least in being educated at an institution such a college or university because course fees these days are so expensive. Also, what is a “career” any way?

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